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Suitability for conversion depends on an number of factors, principally the loft headroom, and rafter type used in the construction of the existing roof. 

Consider the following information.

Loft Headroom

Is there enough headroom at the centre of the loft between the ridge and ceiling joists? You ideally need 2.4m (8ft) clearance, although you may find that you can still get a useful room from as little as 2.1m (7ft). A quick check with a tape measure will suffice. 

Also try to assess whether your roof was built using trussed rafters or purlins, as the latter is much easier to convert into usable loft space.


Rafter Types

Traditional (pre 1965) rafter and purlin roof construction

This type of roof, pre 1965, is ideal for loft conversions as it usually has a reasonably steep pitch and relatively clear spaces between the supporting framework.


Modern (post 1965) trussed rafter construction

This type of roof, used widely in houses in Britain since 1965, usually has a shallower pitch and more struts. This roof type was problematic to convert at one time, but Loft Wizard has a system for converting this roof type and are now the most popular loft conversions that we do!

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